Norlan Cabot (she/her)


As an Education Consultant for the past 35 years, Nolan has worked in public, private, hospital and non profit settings as well as Indigenous communities throughout BC. Her goal with the work she does is to support educators, parents, and their children, who were experiencing learning failures and challenges.
Teaching parents strong advocacy skills allows for partnerships and good working relationships with teachers and administration. The development of IEP’s provides an opportunity for all concerned to seamlessly work together in support of the client. Being part of a multidisciplinary clinic such as Three Story Clinic, allows for referrals to complimentary professionals if appropriate.

Nolan is deeply committed to her clients and their concerns. She has a passion for her job, giving 100 percent at each appointment.


Norlan’s strives to have her clients feel comfortable within the first few moments of their time together. A welcoming smile and a positive attitude are a must and put everyone at ease. Excellent listening skills are imperative. She truly loves connecting with her clients.

Norlan’s Profile

Location Vancouver, B.C.
Ages 6 - 17
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Self-esteem
  • Learning challenges
  • Effective Advocacy Strategies
  • Professional Teaching
  • School Psychologist
Availability In Person / Online
Qualifications Undergraduate Degree in Education
Masters Degree in Learning Disabilities
BC Teaching Certification (Professional Certification)
Certified School Psychologist and district consultant

Complimentary 15 minute consultation.


Professional, genuine, kind and enthusiastic, Norlan cares deeply deeply about school aged-children and adolescents experiencing learning challenges which negatively impact their self esteem and feelings of self worth. With valid and reliable data, potential and academic achievement is outlined (Psycho-eductional assessment) and an effective and creative plan is discussed and devised which greatly relieves parental confusion and stress.


$160 per 50 minute session for individuals

Payment in the form of cash, checks, or email transfer is due at the end of each session unless other arrangements have been made. Please note that 2 days notice is required to cancel a scheduled appointment to avoid being charged the full session fee. Some third party payment plans such as Extended Health Care Insurance and Employee/Family. Assistance Programs pay partial or total coverage for counselling services. Please follow up with your benefits plan/health care provider.