Kirsten Buch (she/her)



Kirsten (she/her) is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the background in community mental health with a focus on LGBTQIA2S+ clients as well as those who are questioning. The scope of her practice incorporates older youth and adult clients, regardless of orientation, who are struggling with identity, sexuality, connection, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and burnout.

Coming from a Narrative Therapeutic lens, Kirsten is passionate about both personal and structural stories. She recognizes that our experience of the world isn’t limited to the individual who sits in the counselling office, but how the many intersections of our identities inform the way we are treated by society. Her goal is to help clients challenge the stigmatizing, restrictive, and destructive stories they have been told or have come to tell about themselves in order to survive. In therapy, she sees clients as the experts in their own experiences and seeks to meet them where they are with warmth and compassion, emphasizing their unique strengths to support them when facing both past and present challenges.

Kirsten is a member of the LGBTQIA2S+ community and welcomes all clients under its umbrella, including non-binary and polyamorous clients. Her practice is trauma-informed, anti-racist and body-positive. Outside the office, Kirsten loves to create her own stories via art, writing, and tabletop gaming. She is a member of the Vancouver DND community and runs a monthly queer book club.

Kirsten's Profile

Location In Person/ Online
Ages 18-30
  • Identity and sexuality
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Burnout
Availability In Person/Online Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday
Qualifications Bachelors Degree in Psychology (BA)
Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology (MA)
Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)


Complimentary 15 minute consultation.


Kirsten is warm and friendly, with a down-to-earth personality that helps put clients at ease. She is passionate about using empirically supported Narrative, CBT, and EFT therapy techniques to help clients who are struggling with depression, pain, and anxiety and/or who are questioning their identity and sexuality. Her dedication to helping others find and foster inner strengths has led to many positive transformations for her clients. Kirsten is highly attuned to the safety needs of her clients and works hard to build and maintain positive, trusting, and supportive relationships with them.


$155 per 50 minute session for individuals

Payment in the form of cash, checks, or email transfer is due at the end of each session unless other arrangements have been made. Please note that 2 business days notice is required to cancel a scheduled appointment to avoid being charged the full session fee. Some third party payment plans such as Extended Health Care Insurance and Employee/Family Assistance Programs pay partial or total coverage for counselling services. Please follow up with your benefits plan/health care provider.